Thursday, September 27, 2012

The God Particle

The recent report regarding the discovery of the Higgs boson may put theology and philosophy to task. The claim of the ardent followers of theoretical physics is that this latest scientific achievement may finally resolve the answer to the biggest question out there – the beginning of everything. This paper discusses this basic insight. More importantly, it will consider the moral ramifications of the same and in particular, its relation to the problem of evil. However, the discovery of the "God particle", now the crowning glory of particle physics, presents a strong case against St. Thomas, for scientists at CERN may have finally put that final piece of the greatest puzzle out there – the very origin of the universe, one that seeks to bridge the gap between between ‘nothingness and reality’.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Hari ng Tondo", Asiong Salonga, Carla Abellana and the Aesthetics of Arthur Schopenhauer

“Hari ng Tondo” is a song by Gloc 9, featuring the alluring voice of Denise Barbacena, a rhythmic adventure that brings into the open a resounding depiction of the life story of Nicasio Asiong Salonga (1924-1951), a notorious gang leader, born and raised in Tondo, with all the acrimony, celebration and parody worthy to mention in any story that interests the mortal in us. Splendid in its portrayal of the criminal world, we thus borrow from Arthur Schopenhauer, who says, "nature is not divine, but demonic" (WR, p.349).